Good Finds at Better Bathroom

Bathroom tiles for half the price, stylish bath, and stylish bathroom furniture – those are the things I would wish in our bathroom.

I was browsing the other day and I couldn’t help but wish we were renovating our bathroom. It is smaller than what we used to have in our apartment but it’s ours so that means we can do whatever we want with it.

My hubby said he wanted a bathtub and I laughed because a couple of weeks ago, I was actually looking online for a bathtub and wishing we had one. As I have said, the space we will be working on is a bit small so I was on the lookout for a smaller tub. I did not find any and almost lost hope when I chanced upon better bathrooms and saw this cute bath. I squealed with delight because that would definitely fit our bathroom.  Plus, it’s so affordable too.  I just couldn’t believe my eyes.

Anyway, it’s still a dream for now to renovate our bathroom with the baby coming in less than a month but I’m glad that I know that once we finally decide to do it we know where to look.

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