Get That Hair Growing Again

Hair loss is a major problem especially of men. Hair loss, or alopecia, may be caused by ageing, local or systemic diseases and other hormonal factors. Heredity is also one reason for hair loss among men. In addition, some medicinal drugs, iron deficiency, x-ray therapy and stress can contribute to the loss of hair. Hair dyes and hair’s exposure to heat treatment may also contribute to alopecia.

Thank goodness there are many ways in which you can do to get your hair growing again. Several hair loss products are sold in the market, with the promise of a more youthful hair appearance.

By knowing what to avoid, you can help prevent hair loss. Overconsumption of salt, alcohol and sugar is bad for the hair. Going on a crash diet is not advisable as well if you want to have healthy-looking hair. Also, you should avoid too much sun exposure. Limit your time swimming on pools and beaches as well, to protect you from hair loss.

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