Discount on Prescription Medicines

Getting sick is expensive. That is why we must have medical insurance at all costs. We have a medical insurance that we use to get a free check up when we’re sick. We’re also covered on hospitalization costs and although we pay for it monthly, I thank God that we were only able to use it once – when Z got sick with pneumonia. One thing I we don’t have though is the Medicare part D plans. I heard you can get a deduction from the expensive prescription drugs provided by the doctor. I think we need that since we’d rather buy medicines prescribed by our doctor when we’re sick than get hospitalized. I’m sure all of us are aware how expensive medicines can be. When my husband got sick, his antibiotics cost almost like gold. Anyway, I’ll be asking around on how we can get this. We will be having a new bundle of joy and I want to be able to get a discount the next time we’ll have to go over the pharmacy to buy some meds.

One thought on “Discount on Prescription Medicines

  1. Hapi

    Correct, getting sick is really expensive. I agree sis, good medical coverage is a must. thankful that we are covered here sa work ko and much thankful we barely use it.



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