Budgeting is Not for the Faint Hearted

This month, I started writing down our expenses. Would you believe that I had no clue how much we spend for everything in one month? Well, at least now I already know up to the last centavo where our money went. Thanks to my ever reliable record book and the YNAB (youneedabudget.com) software I bought I now have a comprehensive report on our monthly budget.

I tell you, it was not easy doing the budget. I was shocked to see how much we spent this month alone. Good thing we didn’t have to resort to getting any cash advance but a few thousands more and we’ll have to resort to that. One thing I realized upon doing the budget is it was not for the faint-hearted.  I almost had a heart attack upon seeing the total outflow of cash this month.  But even if it hurts to know the truth I’m still glad I did it.  At least next month it would be so much better because we can control our spending with the all the budgeting I’ve been doing.

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