I was browsing a website selling babydoll nightwear when my husband happened to glance at it.  He was immediately curious – I wonder why, lol! – and asked why I was looking at it.  Well, the truth is I’m not a girly girl and I definitely don’t own a single lingerie.  I have checked my online purchases for the past two years and was shocked when I realized that all I ever did purchase were e-books, membership sites, and softwares.  Talk about being so nerdy!  Anyway, that realization made me think that I should have some sort of balance in my life.  Sure, I am a nerd but it’s not too late for me to change, right?

That’s why I was browsing for some cute babydoll lingerie that maybe I could try.  It is definitely not one of those kinky looking lingerie that you might imagine so I will be more comfortable wearing it.  What I like about it best is that it can hide my stomach.  I am currently pregnant and after the baby comes out I know my stomach will not be a good sight to behold.  These babydolls can make me still feel sexy even immediately right after my pregnancy.

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