While He’s Gone

My hubby is now packed and ready to go on his team outing. Too bad Z and I will be left behind. I’m glad it’s only an overnight affair so I won’t miss him that much. No need to take sleeping pills to bury my misery away. One night without him is, after all, just a short time to be depressed.

What I’m actually dreading is his five-night stay in Dumaguete for his songwriting camp. We have never been away from each other that long, ever! I don’t know how Z and I will survive. The brightest part of our day really is seeing him coming home from work.

On his part, he is also worried for us. The five days he will be away is close to my due date. The last thing he wants is for me to give birth while he’s away. I reassured him I won’t give birth while he’s gone. I promised I’ll hold it as long as I can. haha

Seriously, I’m pretty sure we’ll be fine during his stay there.  I don’t think I’ll give birth that early.  I can sense that baby will come out late November or early December.  If I can only choose I prefer his birth date to be on November not December as there are too many holidays to celebrate on the last month already and hosting  a birthday party can be pretty tiring not to mention money draining.  Anyway, my point is I’m not really worried about my pregnancy.  I’m more worried about how we’ll cope while he’s away. 🙁

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