Vacation Home for Us

At Palace in the Sky

This is why we should go on vacations more often – to see a genuine smile on Z’s face. Of course, it would help our tired bodies to be able to relax once in a while. That’s why we go on budget-friendly trips like going to Luneta and Quezon Circle every once in a while. Sometimes too I can’t help but dream that we go somewhere far or we have a vacation home somewhere. I heard the Outer Banks is a good vacation place that’s why many people choose to go on a vacation there. Some people like going there so much that they even buy their own vacation home. For people who don’t have enough money they check out Outer Banks foreclosures for good deals.

For us, I would like to have a vacation home near a beach.  It shouldn’t be too far like somewhere in Bataan or Batangas so we can travel there every week.  It’s nice living in the city but it’s also nice to get away from it once in a while.

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