The Right Time

I have been trying to teach Z to read ever since he was three years old.  It was a big mistake as I ended up only frustrated and Z, of course, felt the tremendous pressure.  That was why I stopped trying to teach him.  I thought it was not the right time really.

Well, two years later I realized that I made the right decision.  There is truly the right time for everything.  For Z, the right time for reading has finally come.  And boy, am I delighted to see him trying hard on his own to learn how to read!  He would read absolutely everything – his schoolbooks, the words on TV, the billboards on the road, etc.  I won’t be surprised if pretty soon he would be trying his hand on essay writing! haha

Seriously, I know essay editing is still far away from my list of responsibilities but seeing him read on his own will is such a huge success for me already.  My hubby and I still can’t get over it.  We smile at each other across the room every time we hear Z try to read something.

If Z continues this kind of diligence in his studies I know that everything will be a breeze to him.  When the time comes that he has to write his own essay, he doesn’t even have to buy custom essay.  I hope I do a good job in nurturing his love for learning.  Yes, I have a huge responsibility on my shoulders so wish me luck.  To my darling son, Z, you’re doing great job!  Daddy and Mommy are so proud of you!

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  1. rome

    thanks for visiting my blog. yours is soo cool. i wanna go back in magalawa pag meron na kuryente sa isla. Matagal na may linya ng kuryente dun pero wala pa ring power sabi nung me ari. sana tulungan ng local govt ang tourism, ang ganda ng lugar nyo!!


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