There are many movies and television sitcoms or programs that we can see people wearing scrubs. One television program has SCRUBS as the title… Can you imagine that.

The story of Scrubs revolves around John J.D. Dorian’s life and how he learns about the ways of medicine, friendship and life itself. There are so many characters in the series; they even have guest appearances of movie stars such as Brendan Fraser and Collin Farrell.

JD is a young attending physician and on the start of the series he is a staff intern who wears scrub pants. Of course a television program won’t be complete without the lead stars love interest so in here, JD has a romantic relationship with Elliot Reid who, maybe wearing cheap scrubs.

JD has a best friend with the name of Christopher Turk. Christopher is a surgical Chief Surgeon in the Scrubs series. JD and Turk have an extremely close relationship that sometimes people tend to call it Guy Love but they are not into it, really, because Turk married Carla and they started a family together.

The Scrubs lasted for eight seasons only, simply because having the finale season didn’t work out. Watching scrubs means watching many people who wears scrub clothing.

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