Passing the Time Online

Ever since I bought my mom her own computer she is now hooked to the online world.  If you’re wondering what she’s doing online well, she has been busy catching up with her friends at Facebook, of course.  My mom is definitely hooked on Facebook and has even been trying out games online.  That’s her past time and if I don’t have any obligations anymore like her, I think that’s what I will do to.

She has been asking me what games can she play online aside from the ones in Facebook.  Since she wants to go to Las Vegas to try out casinos I mentioned she can also play at online casinos.  She said she doesn’t intend to spend any money and I told her she doesn’t have to because there are no deposit casinos that allow you to play their games for free.  You just need to downlowad their software and you can play for free all you want.  I’m sure she would love to play the slots because it’s the most popular game even in microgaming casinos.

She hasn’t tried it yet because she’s still busy playing games at Facebook.  She also listens to YouTube videos in her spare time.  I’m so glad that my mom is finally catching up with the online world and embracing it like I do. Now that she’s online all the time we can chat anytime we want and we won’t miss each other that much.

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