Looking Forward to December

Yes, we’re going to have a baby boy this December and we are so excited to meet him already.  I was telling my hubby that in a few year’s time, two boys will be tagging along with him to his music gigs and he has to teach the two of them all he knows about music.  I know hubby is already overwhelmed with his responsibility with Z as the little boy is really daddy’s replica.  I am without doubt that our second child would be looking up to him and to his kuya.

As early as now, I’m already warning Z that his new sibling would most likely copy everything he does and wants to play with all his toys.  I also told him to be a good boy always as for sure his little brother would want to do everything he wants to do.   If he ventures to music like his dad then most probably his little brother will follow.  Or if he decides to go into sports and wear NFL Uniforms, surely his brother would want one too.

I’m just happy Z is already big enough to assume some responsibility toward his brother because if I have two rowdy toddlers ate the same time then I wouldn’t know how to cope.  I am so looking forward to taking care of our new bundle of joy with, of course, the help of my willing little helper by my side.

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