Link Exchange Made Easy

When I started blogging I didn’t know about exchanging links.  I thought it was unnecessary so I didn’t do any link exchanges.  As expected, my blog had no visitors and I didn’t have any friends either.  I wanted to feel anonymous but at the same time I wanted to have friends and I wanted people to read my thoughts.  Pretty soon, I got the courage to ask for a link exchange.  I didn’t know any free link exchange networks so I had to do it manually.

Exchanging links used to be hard.  I remember I had to hop from one blog to the next, making a comment on one of their posts before finally asking the blog owner for a link exchange.  Before I ask them I have to make sure I have already added them to my blogroll so they wouldn’t have a choice but to add me. LOL!  It was hard to do but bloggers have to do it to improve their blog’s ranking.  I hated doing it because I had no way to keep track of who already added me and who didn’t so I end up with a bunch of unreciprocated links in my blogroll.

Now, I don’t see that many people doing that anymore.  Instead, they join link exchange networks to exchange links with other bloggers.  It’s easier than doing it manually that’s why these link exchange networks are gaining popularity.  All you need to do is join and you’ll meet other bloggers who want to exchange links with each other. If before people are doing reciprocal link exchanges now they are also doing three way link exchanges.  This is harder to execute than the traditional but there are more benefits. 

I’m glad that link exchange networks now exist.  I don’t have a hard time anymore building up my blogroll.  I’m sure there is still room for improvement but in time it will be addressed.  For now at least bloggers spend less time getting links and more time blogging.

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