Who Invented the Bar Code?

We use the barcode scanner every time we go to the supermarket. It has definitely made our grocery life easier. In just a few minutes, after going to the cashier we’re on our way out of the grocery. Whoever thought of inventing the barcode is definitely a genius but exactly who did invent the barcode?

Well, it was Bernard Silver, a graduate student who overheard the president of a local food chain asking their dean to research a system for the checkout counter. Silver shared this with his friend, Norman Woodland, and together they developed a system using ultraviolet ink that proved to be too expensive. Convinced that he could develop something better, he immediately quit his job and moved to his father’s home and continued developing his product. Inspiration finally struck on the beach when he drew the Morse code from the sand. “I just extended the dots and dashes downwards and made narrow lines and wide lines out of them,” Silver said.

Now, thanks to his invention million of mothers worldwide don’t have to wait too long at the checkout counter.  I hope you like the little trivia I got from wiki. 🙂

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