Want To Lose Weight? Sleep!

Did you know that in order to lose weight you have to get a good night’s sleep?  Yes, turning in early and getting your beauty rest is an effective fat burner. I didn’t get the connection about losing weight and sleeping at first but after reading all about it I admit it makes perfect sense.

Losing sleep will induce hunger and improve appetite which can lead to weight gain while getting at least eight hours of sleep a day can brings balance to your leptin levels which then helps in weight loss. Maybe that’s the reason why I noticed when I was still working at a call center I gained so much weight because I worked at night and I didn’t get enough sleep during the day. The weight I gained I promptly loss after I resigned.

So if you have been racking your brain why you still aren’t losing weight then maybe you are not getting the sleep you need.  Keep this in mind the next time you close your eyes to sleep you’re actually shooting two birds at once.

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