The Tale of the Tickets

Remember how we bought two VIP tickets to John Mayer’s concert last April?  Well, we have long refunded it ever since the concert got postponed.  Hubby was so convinced that it will ultimately be cancelled because they set the new date of the concert to October 1st which is almost five months after the original date.  So off we went to have it refunded and we bought a new LCD TV instead which is now sitting in our living room.

Tomorrow is October 1st and what do you know, hubby was wrong all along.  We heard John Mayer already arrived in the Philippines so the concert will definitely push through.  Hubby would have been devastated if John Mayer performed here and he’s not here to watch it but fortunately, luck is on his side.  We have refunded the almost front row tickets but his friend is giving him an all access pass to the concert with seats that are even nearer than our previous seats.  Now, if that isn’t lucky I don’t know what else is!

Anyway, the bad news is I don’t get to go.  His friend asked me if I wanted to go but hubby said no because I’m already on my 7th month.  Well, I won’t mind missing it since I’m not a fan of his anyway.  If it were Taylor Swift tickets it would be a different story. I’m a fan of Taylor Swift and I wouldn’t want to miss her concert even if I’m already going to give birth the next day. hehe

One thought on “The Tale of the Tickets

  1. Bianx

    Oh, I wish I could’ve had your tickets! 🙁 Sorry, I just had to comment. I’m a really big fan of John Mayer, but I only have bronze tickets. Oh well, better than nothing. 🙂 God bless you and your baby!


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