My little boy is sick!  He has missed school for three days. Thank goodness it’s holiday today or else he would have missed it too.  The doctor said sickness is really in nowadays.  I’m just thankful he doesn’t have the dreaded dengue or the inconvenient sore eyes.  He just has some bacterial infection aside from suffering from coughs and colds.  After drinking two different medicines three times a day yesterday he is showing some signs of improvement and he was able to sleep peacefully.

2 thoughts on “Sick

  1. housemom77

    hi visiting my bc blogger’s friends, my baby is also sick and thank God it’s not dengue I browse the net and found out that he has Roseola infantum. get well soon to your son.

  2. Pinx

    my kiddo’s sick too. he’s been having diarrhea for almost a week now. thankfully, he’s active and still plays a lot. it’s really heart breaking to see our kids get sick. let’s just pray they’ll get well soon!


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