Our Family’s Weight Loss Plan

I have been thinking of resorting to weight loss diet pills since our – me and my husband, Z not included – average weight is steadily increasing but for the meantime let me try some of these diet tips.

1. Lay low on junk food. My husband and I are both junk food junkie. It’s really not recommended for two people who loves junk food to marry but since we’re already here (LOL!) we have to do our best to try.

2. Drink lots of water. I’m a water drinker but hubby is not. He’ll drink soda and juice every day if he can get away with it. Fortunately, I have been successful in convincing him not to. It was really hard but I found out I can slowly wean him out of his habit by giving him healthier alternatives like buko juice, calamansi juice, and milk.

3. Reduce the size of our portions. I know the secret to this but I have not implemented it. The secret is putting our food in a small plate instead of a big one so our mind would be tricked into thinking that our plate is full. Unfortunately, I bought pretty huge plates so I guess I have to do some shopping and buy smaller ones.

4. Exercise! This is really what we need to do. There are so many hurdles like Z getting sick the last time we attempted to but that’s no reason to stop. I know our walks will do us more good than harm in the long run and I’m determined to motivate my family again to start doing this.

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