New Baby, New Stroller

I chanced upon a picture of a bob revolution stroller today and it reminded me that we need to buy a new stroller again by next year. When Z was still a baby we bought not one but two strollers. The first stroller was a mistake – it was too bulky for us to carry around. We didn’t have a car then and just going around the metro lugging that huge stroller made us just want to stay at home and not go out. So we bought another stroller and this time it was foldable like an umbrella.

Unfortunately, by the time we bought it Z was already adept at walking and he outgrew it so fast we didn’t have the chance to use it that much. Anyway, both strollers are already at loan with our relatives so I don’t think we can use it anymore. That’s the reason why when the baby comes we have to buy another one. I hope this time we choose the right one the first time.

4 thoughts on “New Baby, New Stroller

  1. Connie

    Wow, that stroller does look “revolutionary” :o) I’m thinking of getting a new one for our 2nd baby. She’ll be a month old in 2 wks. I hope to be able to get a better stroller for her.


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