Managing Our Weight

Moms have a lot of roles in the family. Thank God, I am not the main breadwinner – it’s my husband who has that responsibility *wink but as a mother I still have so many things on my plate. I don’t do the chores because I have help but I still have to manage everything.

One thing that I take seriously is the food that we eat and our health. I make sure that we have vegetables in the menu. I also get agitated when I notice that my husband and myself are getting fat. I try to encourage my husband to manage his weight so we’ll have less health problems in the future. My husband totally agrees with me and supports me in my goal. Still, I’m not satisfied because I know we can still diet some more. That’s why I have been looking at this website, for some tips on weight loss.  Their tips and reviews of weight loss products are really helpful.  Now I have a few ideas on what to do to get down to our desired weight.

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