Lambo Doors and Our Trip to Banawe

My hubby and I spent a day cruising along Banawe.  Banawe is a popular haven for car enthusiasts who want to accessorize their cars.  If you want to customize your car then that’s the place you should go.  We definitely saw a lot of really awesome looking cars on that small stretch of road that day.  We can’t help but stare at the different designs they put on their cars.

One thing I’d like to see that I haven’t personally seen is a car with Lamborghini inspired doors.  Lambo doors, or the street name of vertical doors, come from the car doors popularized by Lamborghini sports cars.  Imagine seeing a car door open vertically instead of horizontally.  Now, that sure is a sight to behold!

As I’ve mentioned, lambo doors originated from Lamborghini cars.  The Lamborghini car has a wider base than the usual cars so parking would be a problem for this type of car.  To solve this problem, the engineers designed its door to open vertically instead of horizontally so it can still fit in the regular parking spaces.  The design caught on and now even if you don’t have the expensive Lamborghini cars which will cost you about $500,000, you can still customize your car to have its own lambo doors.

Even in Banawe, we failed to see these famous lambo doors but I researched and found out that these doors now come in a kit.  Yes, a kit like in an easy-to-install kit.  Hmm, I wonder if we can afford to put Lambo doors in our car someday considering that a kit can cost  an average of $750 plus the installation fee of about $500.  I’m sure our little guy would be thrilled to have these doors in our vehicle.  Even hubby would be breathless to drive such a car.

Anyway, we went to Banawe to buy a new car stereo and speakers for hubby.  He can wait for his vertical doors but being a music enthusiasts he surely couldn’t wait to listen to good music in his car.  Maybe on our next trip there we would be shopping for lambo doors next. hehe

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