History Repeats Itself

It seems that history is repeating itself again. During my first pregnancy I ate everything I can get my hands on. Chocolate, junk foods, soda – I had no limits. I had an excuse then. I was young and stupid. But now that I am definitely older – still can’t say wiser though, hihi – I’m afraid I’m making the same mistake again. I have toned down my chocolate eating and soda drinking but I’m definitely loading up on carbohydrates like bread, noodles, and did I say bread? My midwife – the one who delivered Z – already warned me to avoid eating all that stuff so I can have an easy delivery. I didn’t have it easy the first time because Z was so big and I’m afraid I’m going to suffer the same fate the second time around. I really want an easy delivery this time so I have to push myself harder.

I also have to do this for my body. I have seen first hand how you never gain your old body back and I really don’t want to grow fat again. Weight loss pills that work fast is what I’m going to need if I continue this kind of eating so I better watch it.  So from now on my motto would be more fruits and vegetables, less carbohydrates.  Lord, please help me.

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