Goodbye MacGruber

My favorite current skit for ‘Saturday Night Live’ would definitely have to be MacGruber, but I guess from now on I’ll just have to watch skits from past episodes on YouTube and hulu. Sadly, I just found out that Will Forte isn’t returning for another season of ‘SNL.’

I’ve been suffering this summer without new episodes of the late-night comedy show to watch and have watched the re-run of the episode Betty White hosted with my wild blue broadband internet that I found through some wild blue packages at least five different times.

But of course my favorite MacGruber skit was the one where Betty White played his Grandma that told embarrassing stories about him while he was in the middle of trying to prevent whatever explosion was about to happen. That whole episode was great, but I think that was definitely one of the highlights.

I know that Will Forte isn’t going to fall off the face of the earth, but it kind of feels like he is.

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