Bathroom and Kitchen Renovations

I have been redecorating our bathroom, adding some touch here and there.  Although we spend so little time of our lives in the bathroom compared to other rooms in the house I still want it to look impeccable and beautiful.  To date, I have purchased a shower curtain with a lovely design, a beautiful floor mat, and a bidet to minimize the water splashes in the toilet.  If I can add a bathtub I would but the space is so limited.  I guess I have to make do with the space I have.  I am still racking my head for ideas and have been browsing some bathroom suites online for inspiration.

I also am seriously considering retiling the floor our kitchen.  We have some leftover vinyl tiles left and I’m thinking of having the old ceramic tiles removed and replacing that with vinyl.  I’m still thinking if I really ought to replace it with new ceramic tiles instead of the vinyl tiles.  I should have passed by the tile store yesterday when we were passing by it to ask questions on how much money I would need to have it done.  Now I regret not going there.  Tsk, next time I promise I’ll really do it.

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