Balancing Act at Home

For weeks now I’ve been trying to change my routine.  The once early-to-sleep-early-to-rise me became a night owl that can’t sleep until it’s 1 AM to the consternation of my husband who was bugging me to sleep early for my baby’s sake.  I didn’t know what started this.  All I know was I noticed I was not getting any worked done until the sun was up so I tried working at night and it worked.  I was productive and I loved it.  All was not well though because it meant I was asleep half of the day so I tried to changed my routine.  However, it took too long for me and I almost gave up.  Good thing I didn’t because for the first time in many weeks I have been back to my old self again the past few days.  I’ve been waking up at 5 AM instead of 10:30 AM.  So now I just have to push myself to work and not procrastinate while Z is at school so that by the time he’s here I can do away with the laptop and focus on him.

Working is really hard, even when you’re just at home.  It’s not easy to balance everything.  It takes discipline and focus and those two are the hardest of all.  How about you, work-at-home moms?  Are you also having a hard time with the balancing act?

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