A Family of Couch Potatoes No More

It’s not a secret that we had become a family of couch potatoes.  I’m not proud of that fact so I’ve been vigilant last week in getting the exercise that we needed.  So every 4pm when my hubby comes home, I take Z and the dog to the parking lot to meet him there.  After he has parked the car we then walk together at C6.  We get to see Laguna Lake and get the much needed exercise – better than staying at home all day long and watching TV.  Unfortunately, my plan backfired and after just three days of doing that Z started getting sick.  The doctor said since it’s not a normal physical activity for him he might have strained himself too much.  So for the past week, Z has been taking antibiotics and has been absent from school.

Thankfully, today is the last day of him taking his antibiotics.  I’m thinking of starting all over again with our exercise so when the clock strikes at 4pm we’ll again go out and meet my hubby in the parking lot.  I would be more careful this time though.  The doctor suggested I bring a cap and just increase the distance of our walk little by little.  I hope everything goes well since we have been enjoying our walks together as a family.

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