Household Items and Our New Bidet

We went to Landmark and was delighted to find that there was an ongoing sale. Household items such as curtains, pots and pans, bed sheets, and comforters were on sale for as low as 50% off the original price. I promptly bought a items like a shower curtain, a set of placemats, and bed sheets for our bed. I was trying to find bed sheets for kids so Z can finally move out to his own bed but I couldn’t find any.

So far my favorite buy are the placemats. I got a very stylish design and it goes well with our dining set. My least favorite was the bed sheets because at P350 for one set (queen size, fitted, two pillow covers) it looked like it was washed with bleach. It was fading pretty bad and although the design is supposed to be pretty it looked like an old, old bed cover. So note to self, no more buying bed covers at that price. 🙁

I also bought something that I love. It was not on sale though. I bought a bidet set for our toilet. It’s like a small shower with high pressurized water coming out of it to clean your – you know what – after doing number two. I love that I don’t have to use any tabo – I forgot the English of that word – oh, it’s dipper am i right?! LOL! Anyway, I highly recommend it. It simplifies things and add convenience in the toilet. *wink. I bought the bidet for P600+ plus I needed to buy something (this time I really don’t know what it’s called) so that the water will flow two-way – one to the toilet tank and one to the bidet. That’s worth P209 but I think you can buy it cheaper at local hardware stores.

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