Wedding Ring

I think it’s almost a year since I have lost my wedding ring.  I remember the precise moment I realized it was gone.  We just came home from the wedding of my college friend, Nixie.  Just before we reached home I suddenly remembered to check the ring on my finger.  The sinking feeling that I felt once I realized it was missing from my ring finger.  It was not the first time we lost a ring.  My husband lost his two years before I lost mine.  We went back to Binondo where we bought the ring to replace his but now a year has passed and still we haven’t replaced mine.

I hope we can go back to the store again so I can replace my lost ring.  I wish hubby can give me a Cushion cut engagement ring too.  Paging my hubby, if you happen to read my blog now you know what to give me.    If you can add some Citrine Rings too then the better.  *wink

I love diamonds but sometimes a flash of color on the finger can really make a difference.  Plus they’re way cheaper than diamonds.  So if you’re on a budget then buy Citrine Rings instead of that expensive diamond.

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