We Missed It

We were supposed to go to an event this afternoon but family life intervened.  This is the last week MIL’s in town so we visited her at lunch.  The whole family then dropped by SM to have a quick merienda but things didn’t go as planned.  By the time we dropped them back home and we started going to Makati traffic was already crawling.  So we just decided to turn back and spend some more time with MIL.

Before going back, we ordered some pancit from Pancit Malabon for dinner.  We had a hearty dinner and had ice cream for dessert afterwards.  I know all these food smell trouble – certainly not advisable for prenatal nutrition but what can I do?  Hubby’s family is only complete once every year so there was something to celebrate.

Anyway, I promise I’ll be watching my diet from now on.  No more chocolates, cakes, and ice cream!  I’m nearing my sixth month and I swear my tummy is getting too big.  I’m already scared that I’ll be delivering a big baby just like Z’s case so I will surely have to watch what I eat from now on.

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