We Could Have Been There

I’m always bugging my husband for us to go to Luneta and spend some time at the park.  We went there once before and we parked right there at the Quirino Grandstand.  Yesterday, we had nothing to do and decided to go out.  Hubby said we could go to Luneta but good thing my FIL was available for lunch.  So we trooped to Makati first to spend some time with FIL during his lunch break at work.

After lunch, we hubby asked me again where we would go.  Luneta came up again but for some reason Landmark came up to.  When Z heard it he said Landmark it.  He loves Luneta especially now that they are learning about it at school but he was insistent that we go to Landmark.  Good thing we did because when we got home at around 10pm that’s the only time we found out about the hostage situation at the Quirino Grandstand.  Although I feel really sad about the innocent victims I’m just thankful that we never got the chance to be near that area at that time.  We could have been there but we weren’t.  Thank you, Lord.

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