Should I Eat This or Not – Food to Avoid When You’re Pregnant

One of the things I fear with my pregnancy is eating the wrong kinds of food.  I don’t want to eat the type of food that can make me gain unnecessary weight and at the same time harm my baby.  So I did a quick research to see if I’m on the right track.  Here are the things I found out that I should avoid now that I’m pregnant.

1.  Raw or undercooked meat like raw eggs, meat, and fish including shellfish.

2.  Drinking alcohol can lead to premature delivery or mental retardation in the baby so avoid this at all cost.

3.  First hand or second hand smoke.

4.  Coffee and tea which has high caffeine content.  Caffeine can inhibit iron absorption which is needed by the baby to get its oxygen supply.

5.  Soft cheeses which can cause listeria infection.

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