On Exams and Reviewers

Exam week is next week.  Last month, they had their long test and now it’s their quarterly test.  Thanks to their long test we now have an idea what’s going to be on the exam next week.  We have started reviewing and I’m sure glad that Z is more cooperative than ever.

What we do is after he comes home I give him enough time to play and watch his favorite shows.  An hour before lunch I remind him that he can play to his heart’s content now but when lunch time comes he has to put away his toys.  I tell him that in advance so he has time to prepare and to wind down from his playtime.  Then we eat lunch, rest for a bit, and then that’s the time we study.

I think our schedule is really effective because when we’re studying I can hold his interest for  two hours.  He would answer his books and respond to my questions without any complaint.  We don’t have the crying sessions we had a year ago.

I’m so happy my preschooler has already adjusted to life at school and is even showing interests in his subjects.  Today, for example, he wanted to answer more than what’s required.  A year before it would be really hard to make him answer a single page of his book but now all that is over.  Hubby told me that I should start making reviewers for him and doing mock exams.  I am not too keen on the idea though.  Aside from being too tedious I think that’s already spoonfeeding.  So what if he doesn’t get a perfect score?  Right now, I’m focusing on making things interesting for him and hoping that in the long run he would have his own initiative to study even when his mommy is not watching.

One thought on “On Exams and Reviewers

  1. Mylene

    Sabay pala ang peridical ng mga anak natin 🙂

    This is my first periodical of my daughter. Hindi timing ung pagkakasakit nya ng mahigit one week. Ang daming dapat habulin. Pero I am hoping that she’ll do good on her exams 🙂


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