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Finally, I have tried mobile blogging in my old Sony phone.  Now I don’t have to open the laptop to check my mail and my blogs.  Unfortunately, I can’t seem to publish a post in my wordpress blogs.  I don’t know why.  I type the post and hit “Publish” but instead it goes into “Drafts” and when I open it in the laptop the draft is blank.

I’m not sure why it’s happening.  I tried mobile blogging on my blogspot blog and the post got published.  While I’m looking for a solution to my problem I’m going to temporarily put my posts in blogspot and then transfer it later in wordpress.  That way I can type the post while it is still fresh on my mind and can do it anytime, anywhere.  If I get the hang of this I’m hoping I can buy a newer phone to make my mobile blogging easier.  This will give me more flexibility and hopefully, more productive in blogging.

How about you?  Have you tried mobile blogging?

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  1. lily

    I also have an SE phone where I tried mobile blogging, but was also unsuccessful. I think it’s partly due to the slow mobile internet connection for pre-paid mobile subscribers.


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