Missing Brothers Burger

I miss Brothers Burger. We dined there after I got my trophy and gift certificate from Nuffnang. It was my second time to eat there but I didn’t like it the first time. The second time though I appreciated it much better.  If only we live near any Brother’s Burger branch so I can satisfy my cravings more often.  Unfortunately, I’m always at home and my hubby doesn’t pass by any of their branches.  I’m grateful for that though because if I eat their burger everyday I might need apidexin & detoxufree72 combo to lose weight after I give birth.  Apidexin is a weight loss pill while detoxufree 72 helps detoxify your body so the combination of the two will help anyone lose weight much faster.

Anyway, just to be safe I’ll just drool over this picture I shot the last time we were there.

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