Family Car Trips – What You Need to Know

We haven’t traveled that far with our car. I have to say we’re nervous because of the so many what-ifs that are going on in my head. Still sometimes I wish we can just go and have a long drive especially this coming long weekend. Upon researching, I realized that traveling with your family takes careful planning and preparation. There are some things that you can’t get in a hurry like a 5th wheel insurance, for example, if you’re going to travel with your RV. That is why as early as now I’m researching on how to ensure a safe and enjoyable travel with my family. If you also have plans on traveling then read on and who knows, you can learn a thing or two.

Safety is our motto when traveling especially when we have little kids in the car with us. It is wise to check your car’s engine, battery, brake fluid, oil, coolant, radiator, windshield wiper, tire pressure, spare tire, and air-conditioning a few days before your travel date. Safety doesn’t stop there. You also have to brief your kids about the importance of wearing their seat belts at all times. Don’t forget to bring a first aid kit with you with medicines, barf bags, baby wipes among other things.

Do not forget to bring ready-to-eat snacks and bottled water. There is no guarantee that you can stopover every time someone gets hungry.  Biscuits in resealable containers are the best and also spillproof bottles so your children won’t get wet when they have a drink.

Being restrained inside your car for a long time can get your children agitated so plan your stopovers and set their expectations.  It depends on the child but usually after an hour or two they would want to get out and stretch their legs.  This may take up precious minutes but it would save you from unwanted tantrums.

You have to be ready with some entertainment during a long drive.  Simple games like spot something on the road would do but it doesn’t hurt if you bring a book with you.  Singing kiddie songs inside the car can also help your little ones avoid boredom.

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