Cathy Guisewite will End Cathy Comic Strip on October 3rd 2010

Cathy Guisewite, creator of the comic strip, Cathy announced that she will be ending the comic strip..  The 34-year old comic strip will have its final episode on October 3rd.  Cathy cited personal reasons as the reason for her ending the comic strip.

This is what Cathy had to say during a telephone interview from her home in the Los Angeles area, “It’s just been really unbelievably agonizing to make the decision. The strip has not only been the most astonishing form of therapy for 34 years, but doing a daily comic strip for the newspaper set a certain rhythm for my life.”

3 thoughts on “Cathy Guisewite will End Cathy Comic Strip on October 3rd 2010

  1. MushaMommy

    Hi Mommy Paula! Its been a while since I visited. How’s your pregnancy coming along? I have a new blog (with blogger) and I hope you can visit :) Take care!

  2. MushaMommy

    Oh, I forgot about the post. I’m saddened with this announcement. I felt i was like Cathy until I got married. :) I was buying her comic books from Amazon pa.


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