Buko Juice for UTI

My midwife informed me that I have a not so serious case of UTI after looking at my urinalysis report.  Pregnant women are more prone to UTI or Urinary Tract Infection and I already know that so I was not alarmed.  I think the reason why mine is not that serious is because I’m a water drinker all the way.

As an added precaution, she advised me to drink buko juice everyday.  Unfortunately, I keep forgetting it so I have not been heeding her advice.  Tomorrow I promise that I will never forget buying fresh buko juice from the buko vendor down the street.  Pure buko juice costs only P20 and that can already fill two large glasses.

This morning I remembered too late that I was supposed to buy buko juice.  The vendor told me the pure buko juice is already sold out so he just gave me the sweetened one.  I liked it a lot better than the pure buko juice but I know it won’t do.  I don’t know how the vendor prepared it and how much sugar he put in it and I’m suspicious of juice drinks that taste too yummy.  So let’s hope starting tomorrow I will remember to buy buko juice early in the morning so I still can get the pure one.

4 thoughts on “Buko Juice for UTI

  1. chris

    drink it up mommy! 😀

    yes, i am back online. finally, after being confined for 5 days because of Dengue and Typhoid!

    anyway, how are you na?

  2. Rossana

    Hi! I am 25 weeks pregnant and I am already treated for uti 3x all througout.
    My doc advised me to drink up lots of cranberry juice, but i dont think i can keep up drinking it everyday because I dont quite like its taste. A friend advised me to drink buko juice, so I searched it up on the net and found your post. Im glad that buko juice works for uti as well because its definitely more yummy than cranberry 🙂 Now, like you, I have to buy buko juice daily to get rid of my stubborn uti.

    Have a nice day!


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