Where to Print Pictures

I always hear Kerslyn rave about how easy and convenient it is to print pictures at Artscow.  Never have I tried it because I was afraid our pictures might get lost in the mail.  Now that we’ve moved and I’m hearing a clicking sound in the hard drive of the laptop – which my hubby said meant it’s about to crash – I knew I had to print the pictures stored in it asap or lose it forever.  So now I’m frantically uploading all the pictures that are worth printing and hoping that I can take advantage of the free printing for new members.  I still don’t know how to go about it but I’ll just cross the bridge when I get there after uploading all our pictures.

4 thoughts on “Where to Print Pictures

  1. Irish

    sis. visit marriageandbeyond.com. She has a recent post about this. she was able to receive her prints and it’s really worth it daw. you can even customize.

  2. Gene

    I’ve tried Artscow and I love their photobooks. I made one for Una’s birthday and I just love it! They have they have ready-made scrapbook kits so you don’t have to think of the design if you’re lazy like me. Just drag and drop the photos. Out of 3 packages, I received 2. I don’t know what happened to the lost package, good thing it’s only a dog tag, a free item from them but I still feel bad for paying for the shipping and didn’t received any. Anyway, if you want to print your pictures locally, try Digiprint. Their prints are really good, you can even send them online then arranged it to be picked up in their store or delivered to your doorstep.


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