True Blood — Truly Great!

I have to admit — I was a bit skeptical about watching True Blood to begin with. I had heard a lot from my friends about it, telling me how great it is and everything. Unfortunately, the last show they had recommended for me ended up being a complete flop in my mind.

But, one day, I decided to flip over to HBO direct tv channels in San Francisco to watch it, since I had nothing else to do that day. I instantly fell in love with it. I had never been all that into shows that involved supernatural aspects, but the way they have flipped the tables, turning vampires into the good guys worked out extremely well. It helps to bring to light all the problems we humans have with racism in the world.

I also love that they’ve turned vampire blood into a narcotic substance that some humans use in order to get high. Not only does this go to show the problems our society has with drug abuse, but it also underlines the lengths that people will go in order to get their ‘high’. It’s a beautiful rendition that allows for people to take a moment to step back and think to themselves, ‘Is this show really all that much different from the world we live in?’ I have to say, my friends actually managed to get something right this time!

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