Throwing Away Stuff

Sorting through the junk that was left in the house was not easy.  I know my hubby would have kept it all if he had the choice but fortunately, we don’t have that much space to store unnecessary stuff.  I was like my hubby back then.  I hoard things in the house.  Then in the last apartment that we occupied I realized that for our house to be kept clean and tidy the key was to minimize the stuff in it.  So I threw away Z’s baby clothes and a lot of his old toys so that our cabinets won’t overflow.

When we moved here we were confronted with a lot more stuff.  We’re grateful for the cabinets because we can use those but there were so much more stuff left behind.  So we had to give away stuff like the sofa, dining table, non-working  battery lanterns, old shoes, and bags.  After giving away so many things I’m still not contented.  I still want to give more stuff that’s cluttering our home!  I wish hubby would let me throw it all away.  I know he feels bad throwing away things thinking that we could use it later but for me, why keep it for future use when other people can use it right away.  Hmm, maybe I could just throw it away without him knowing.   Sshhh…

One thought on “Throwing Away Stuff

  1. Irish

    you know paula, its like you and me are the same. and my hubby and your hubby are the same. not kidding. i’m the one who wanted to throw away things to free some space in the house and he’s the opposite. he wanted to keep things in case we need it in the future, which does not happen usually. i had to explain this to him every time but i see how difficult it is for him to let go. i’m the one who would willingly spend for something as long as its beneficial while he’s the one who’s really OC when it comes to price. they’re both the same. i can’t believe it! hahaha.


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