Tangled Wires

I was watching the news the other day and the segment was the one where an ordinary citizen can seek the help of the news station to fix something in their area.  I was amused that the problem they were reporting that day was only about cable wires but when they flashed the cable wires in question on the TV screen I was disgusted with what I saw.  The cable wires from different cable, phone, and internet companies were installed haphazardly and it was so disgusting to look at.  It also became a hazard because truck pass there all the time and it was not uncommon that a wire would get stuck in a truck thus interrupting their services.

Good thing the residents knew where to complain.  Just a call from the news team got the different cable and internet companies running to the site.  They promised to fix the problem right away.  I know they would contact an Equipment Rental company to fix the problem.  These services have company trucks at their disposal but if they want to fix the problem they would need more than that.  They would have to look for  scissor lifts rental to untangle those cable wires.  Aside from that, the different companies would have to work closely together in order for it to be a success.

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