Still Smoking

Oh no, the toddler who was reported as smoking is still smoking until today and can’t seem to kick his habit.  His mother has given up on him and was reported as saying that she thinks he would never be able to kick this bad habit of his.  It’s so sad that this child unknowingly is destroying his body at a very young age.  When he gets older it’ll be likely that he’ll also need pronexin because smoking is also bad for the skin. As for the lung ailments he’s going to face – oh, let’s just hope that by some miracle he’ll never suffer from those.

Is anybody going to help this child before it’s too late?

4 thoughts on “Still Smoking

  1. lizzy

    Are you F@^%ing kidding me??? “Can’t seem to kick his habit?” His mother has “given up on him”. Seriously…. Some people should not be having children if they are afraid of the responsibility of actually being a parent!!!


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