Small Sacrifices

I’m not allowed to take even the best weight loss supplements now that I’m four months pregnant. I’m still not gaining that much weight but my tummy has gotten really big already. Even Z can’t deny that I have his sibling inside my tummy now that it has gotten this big. Sometimes he looks at it and exclaims, “Your tummy is really big, mommy!”

Anyway, that’s inevitable already and I know it’s just one of the sacrifices of being a mother.  I don’t know how many stretch marks will be added to the already existing ones but I guess it’s no big deal since it can be hidden.  What I’m not looking forward to is the big nose that I’ll surely get on my last trimester.  I remember it was really ugly.  Oh well, that should be the least of my problems.  Right now I’m spending all my time with Z to assure him that he is loved by his mom and that the addition to our family will not change any of that.

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