Settling Down

We’re finally settling down in our home. We’re done with the repairs and even the car has been repaired.  If only we can do more like improve the overall appearance of our home like buying Moen kitchen faucets to replace the plastic faucets – but for now we’re taking a break from all the expenses.

Yesterday, hubby got a visit from his childhood friends.  I know he hasn’t seen them in years so it’s good reconnecting with his old friends.  They had a fun time catching up with each others’ lives over dinner.  Of course, Z showed them his guitar skills.  Hubby and I were so proud that Z was no longer shy even with people he has seen for the first time.

Speaking of Z – I’m happy to say he’s doing well at school.  So far there has not been any incidents of crying or any mishaps. Aside from going home with his work all done he has been entertaining me with songs with funny actions that his teacher has been teaching them.  I’ve been laughing so hard just watching him and I keep on asking him to repeat it for me.  He confessed that he’s shy when it comes to swaying his hips during the songs.  I told him to just let go and dance with all his might and recently he told me he’s not shy anymore.  I promise I’m going to shoot his video when I get my camera back.

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