Kalesa Ride at Intramuros

The rains were threatening to pour but it did not rain that day. Instead, the cloudy day created the perfect setting for a kalesa ride around Intramuros. A bit pricey for P500, we got a 30-minute tour around the historical walled city.  Z came to know about our country’s heroes a week ago so this was a history lesson coming to life.  Next time we’ll be combing this place (on foot!)  to know more about our country’s history.

3 thoughts on “Kalesa Ride at Intramuros

  1. wars nitce

    Hi po..

    i came upon your blog when i was searching for kalesas. your blog is very refreshing. heheee.. by the way, do you know the routes those kalesas take? im planning of taking a kalesa from casa manila to plaza mexico kasi to take the pasig river ferry cruise.



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