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We came out unscathed by the storm but unfortunately, our internet service was not so lucky.  After the electricity came back, I hurriedly turned on the laptop to check if we have internet.  I was glad we still had and silently thanked PLDT for that.  I took care of some online business for a few hours and then turned it off at lunch time.  When I tried to turn it back on later in the afternoon we had no more connection.

If you’re suffering from internet connection just like ours I suggest you compare internet service with your neighbors  and online to find out which provider will give you the best service.  A good internet connection is fast and stable and at a reasonable price.  They also have to have good and reliable customer support to help you out when you need them.

The good news is as the competition gets tougher the internet providers are doing better and better with providing their customers the best service and connection possible.  Here at our place, we can easily switch and choose from four different providers.

I personally like the bundled deals more than the ones that provide you with just internet connection.  For example, our current provider, aside from internet, provides us with a phone line.  Bundled promos will give you more value for your money.

As technologies become advanced we’re getting more and more satisfied with our connection.  As I’ve told you we had our service interrupted after the storm but it took just 24 hours for it to be up and running again.  That’s not too bad considering that the storm hit us badly.  So I guess I can say I’m still a satisfied customer despite that.

One thought on “Internet Service

  1. Shydub

    Tag ulan nanaman sa pinas, ito nanaman ang walang kamatayang brown out at bagyo. I hope wala ng mga ondoy at ano ano pang malalaking bagyo sa atin. Sana bumalik na rin good internet connection ninyo mommy.


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