I Want Cignal but Then I Changed My Mind

We have SunVision Cable here in Taguig and while Z is very happy that he has finally all the cartoons that he can watch anytime I’m not that happy with the reception.  We recently bought an LCD TV and it’s like my worst fears have come true – it did nothing but just magnified the poor reception twice the size!  My hubby would tell you I’m exaggerating but really, the poor reception is enough to make me want to switch to Cignal.  Cignal boasts to bring their customers DVD like reception and just thinking about it makes me want to cut our current subscription right away.  The only thing that’s stopping us is that it doesn’t come with the channels that Z love.

Then I found out that Sunvision doesn’t accept payment online which made me the more upset.  We pay all our bills online which is a convenience I cherish.  I would not go back to paying at Bayad centers again just for a cable that has poor reception!  We went to their office to complain but got this shock of my life.  They were actually accepting payments via – get this – door-to-door.  I mean they would literally knock on your door and get your payment from you every month.  Wow, that’s convenience that beats paying online!  So right now we’re staying with SunVision maybe until  Z grows up or something. hehe

3 thoughts on “I Want Cignal but Then I Changed My Mind

  1. tere

    hello! i also live in tipas, taguig and tv reception is awful. i’m looking for a cable subcription. global destiny has no limited lines in taguig. i tried skycable which handles sunvision but no development bcoz our residence has no house# yet. may i know if you applied to sunvision directly? can i have their contact no.? BUT has their reception improved already? 🙂 thanks. appreciate your time.

  2. Dadi Ryan

    hi, Acceptable naman reception ng sunvision for 42″ LCd. maybe because sa termination of wire kaya nalabo.. nde pa kasama yung illegal tapping.. pero cignal is clearer talaga.. anayway ask ko sana kung meron or may plan sunvision for including disney channel.. thanks.


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