I Can Finally See Z!

I lost my glasses a few weeks before and I thought I could cope but I couldn’t watch TV properly without it.  So two days ago when we were at the mall I hurriedly searched  for eye glasses that would fit me.  I was really in a hurry because the mall would close in an hour but I was not fast enough.  Just a few minutes before closing time I was able to finish finding the right frames and having my eyes tested but there was no time left for them to prepare my glasses.  In short, I would be going home without it.  Good thing the store offered free delivery and they said it would be delivered promptly the next day.

The next day I received a call from them informing me that my new eyeglasses are on the way.  Excited, I told my son all about it.  He was delighted too but then I found out why when he said, “Yehey, makikita mo na rin ako!”  (Yehey, you will finally see me!)  It stopped me in my tracks and I wanted to correct him but I just chuckled to myself instead.

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