He’s Happy

This week was test week for Z.  I’m not yet sure how he’ll fare but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.  Just this morning he remarked out of the blue, “I’m happy at school, Mom.”  I’m so glad he’s happy.  I realized that getting high grades is not my priority for my son.  I don’t want him to be pressured like I was when I was little.  I want him to be carefree and enjoy his childhood and don’t think about grades and stuff but I want him to realize on his own when he’s a little older the importance of doing well in school and persevere out of his own free will.

I also want his education to be well-rounded.  When I was studying, my life was school only.  I had little extracurricular activity.  They say it takes a village to raise a child and that is true indeed.  Although well meaning parents try to teach their kids everything they need to know in life it would NEVER be enough.  That’s why I hope Z grows up active in church like his Dad.  Aside from learning about the Bible and God’s teaching he will learn to interact with the members of our community there.

I also want Z to be exposed financially at his young age.  I’m glad that my Dad told me that he wanted us to spend a night at his home every once in a while so we can bond and he can teach me a thing or two about his business.  That’s why tomorrow we’ll be spending the night at his place and I hope we can do this once a week.  Z was not keen with the idea of spending the night apart from his Daddy but I convinced him when I told him that I wanted to spend time with my Dad because I wasn’t able to when I was little and that he would teach us how to sell furniture.  I hope he learns a valuable life lesson there too.

All in all I think Z is doing well.  He has indeed improved a lot and I’m hoping we’ll be able to do a good job in raising him.   If you’ll ask me how we can raise him well  a year or two ago I wouldn’t have had the slightest idea but now I know that with my husband and mine’s combined efforts, with the help of our relatives, and our community we would be able to raise him to be a confident, well-balanced, and God fearing person.

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