Health Insurance

We’ll be having a new baby by the end of this year and we’re pretty excited. One of the things that’s making me anxious though is our health insurance. We’re pretty much covered thanks to hubby’s health plan. It’s not from Blue Cross Blue Shield NC but it would be enough for us. So why am I anxious? Well, Z has been the most amazing baby. He has been pretty much well behaved ever since he was born. He also doesn’t cry a lot, and get sick only once in a blue moon. So last year we have downgraded our health plan because it seems we don’t really need it. With the new baby I’m worried that he/she would be the opposite.  In which case we have to have our plan upgraded again which we can’t do until next year.  Anyway, I hope and pray that I have a safe and normal delivery and that we wouldn’t be needing our health insurance until the next hundred years or so.

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