Going on a Picnic at Luneta

When I was a little girl I remember how fun it was for me whenever we go on trips.  We don’t go out as often but when we do it would surely made my day.  So I can just imagine how excited Z is going to be if we started going on family trips here and there.  It doesn’t have to be an expensive out-of-town vacation but just within the metro where we can spend just a few hours together as a family.

So today because we’re going to Caloocan to visit my Dad I convinced hubby that instead of going there directly we’ll do something out of the ordinary and have picnic at Luneta.  Of course, hubby thought I was kidding but I convinced him by saying that in the last five years of Z’s life we had only gone to Manila Zoo once, Ark Avilon Zoo once, Star City once, and Quezon Memorial Circle twice.  That’s not exactly something to be proud of, right?  If we’re not going to start doing something fun and unplanned today we’ll never get to do anything at all and before we knew it Z would be going to college already.

Yes, time surely pass by too quickly and that’s why we need to live our life to the fullest. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Going on a Picnic at Luneta

  1. Blogaholic Mom

    I love Luneta, and have fond memories of it when I was a little girl. It did change a lot, but hey, Luneta won’t be Luneta if not for the statue of Rizal, so…^___^


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